Meaningful Making is undergoing some revisions and will be put on hold until further notice.
In the meantime, please enjoy my free eBook with some helpful healing projects!


Meaningful Making is a creative e-course for anyone who has experienced the loss of a loved one. For our time together, we will be exploring ways to tap into our creativity and transform our grief into something that holds deep meaning for us. In this sacred space, I will guide you through writing, photographing, and painting some of your most vulnerable stories... allowing for raw expression, gentle acknowledgement, and reenergizing to occur.

The more we tell our stories, the more we heal ourselves and give others a chance to as well. By giving you tools to explore your emotions more tangibly, my goal is for you to leave this course with a greater understanding of the meaning and wisdom our grief holds, and ultimately, how much our loved ones still have to teach us about life, death and love. Below you'll find a bit more about the course in detail, as well as some words from past students, FAQ's, and a brief hello from me! If you have any questions at all, feel free to contact me! I hope you'll join us!


  • In-depth lessons on using creativity to make meaning from adversity.

  • An abundance of creative prompts in writing, painting, and photography to guide you.

  • Exclusive samples of my own creative healing processes.

  • Interviews and additional creative ideas from inspiring guest artists and art therapists.

  • A safe and inspiring community space to share in, via our private Facebook group.

  • An ebook of the entire course for you to download and return to anytime you need it.


A week before class starts, I will send out a note to help you get prepped! You'll be gathering materials, choosing journals, and carving our a space within our homes to be our creative sanctuary. 

During this week, you’ll explore various ways of telling your story in writing, including poetry, letter writing, personification and free form journaling. This week will also get you prepped to do some continued journaling throughout the rest of the course, so you can practice layering techniques!

We’re getting visual this week! You’ll be trying out various ways to tell your personal stories with the camera. Through self portraits, photo meditations, and use of props and symbols, you’ll find ways to use the camera to express your inner world and also to find your calm within the storm. 

Continuing with visual work, we’ll be getting good and messy in week three! Using simple, non-intimidating methods, you’ll get in touch with painting as a healing tool. We'll also do a few final exercises that show you how to layer words, images, and painting together... revealing new perspectives and tools to see your creations and your life in new ways.


This course is for anyone who has experienced the loss of a loved one, whether your loss was a month ago or twenty years ago. You don't need any experience in art or creating... Absolute beginners, seasoned creators, and everything in between are welcome! If you find the idea of creating things intimidating, and/or have no idea where to start, you will find solace in the simple creative prompts and basic materials we will be using here! If you’re more experienced with creating, I assure you the emotional aspects of the prompts will keep you challenged!


Here's what folks are saying about the course!

I loved Sarah’s course! It helped me get in touch with emotions I had put on the back burner, but needed to express. She made the creative process safe, accessible and fun, and possesses a beautiful energy that comes across even in an online course. I’m continuing to journal more often, take more meaningful photographs and generally move through my grief with more tools at my disposal.
— Sharon W.
This e-course is very well designed. I love how Sarah organizes it into four weeks and the works in each week has taken me further and deeper into my own process. The most impressive thing for me is that if you just follow the prompts everyday and get the work done, each day prepare you for the next and each week prepare you for the next. It was very powerful in terms of helping me get in touch with my deep thoughts and feelings and at the same time I could also just dip lightly and have fun rather than overflowing myself. Thanks! I have had a great experience as well as growth and learning.
— Gloria C.


Our next session is currently on hold until 2019. If you’d like updates, please leave your email below!


When can I expect delivery of the Meaningful Making eCourse modules?
Each week you will receive five emails from me, Monday through Friday. Mondays will be prep/intro days to what the week will be all about. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday we will have specific creative prompts and assignments to work on. Friday will be an inspiration day, a little break to refuel you with some stories from others who have used creativity to heal in unique ways! Over the weekends there won’t be any new content, so you’ll have a break to rest or play catch-up!

How is the Meaningful Making eCourse delivered?
All of the course content will be delivered to you via your email, so no passwords to remember or external sites to bookmark! 

How long is the course?
Meaningful Making is a month-long course, with the first week being a prep week and each subsequent week focusing on writing, photography, and painting. 

What if I am very busy during the eCourse. Can I fall behind?
Absolutely! I know how busy life can get, and I know how much grief work takes out of you. There is no pressure at all to complete the course within the allotted time, as you will always be able to keep the emails. Even better, I will be sending you a final eBook of the entire course as a pdf at the end, so you can keep it forever and revisit it whenever you like!

Will my access to the Meaningful Making eCourse close after the course is over?
Nope! As mentioned above, you’ll have the content for life. If you misplace or accidentally delete it, just write me and I will resend it to you! 

Can I get a refund if I change my mind?
While I don’t offer refunds after you have received all of the course content, if you decide for any reason not to continue the course prior to receiving all the emails, I will refund you 100%!

If you're not totally sure about signing up, I’m happy to answer any questions you have before diving in, so please get in touch with me here!

Is the course suitable for both men and women?
Yes! While I typically have more women in the class, it is absolutely open to both and nothing in the content is tailored in any way to be gender specific.

I have suffered a loss that was not due to death, can I still take the course? 
Certainly! While the course content is more geared towards loss due to death, it will also apply to divorce, job loss, ending friendships, or any other form of loss. I always try to make room in the assignments for this, giving extra prompts for those who may not be experiencing a loss from death. 


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This e-course was years in the making. I have known grief on an intimate level nearly all my life… having lost my mother at age 9, my father at 26, and most recently, my fiancé in 2012 in a sudden work accident. In those times when the pain of loss stripped me down to my bones, creativity built me back up. From countless journals, drawings and paintings, to a year-long self-portrait series exploring the pain, I have discovered that grief can be a powerful tool for growth and self-exploration. I am passionate about helping others discover these same abilities within themselves, because I believe we all hold power to create meaning from the adversities we face in life.  


Our next session is currently on hold until 2019. If you’d like updates, please leave your email below!